Are you going on vacation to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach?

The Beach Express Bridge has always been your quickest route to the beach and now it can be even faster!

Returning Visitors:

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This is a Beach Express Windshield Sticker:

With this sticker activated and on your windshield, you can travel through any open lane with no need for cash or cards. You won’t even need to let down your window!

Through Labor Day 2017, we will even send you the sticker at no cost!

(If you already have an Alabama Freedom Pass account, please contact our office to add a Windshield Sticker to any or all of your vehicles.)

New Visitors:

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After you have your windshield sticker, the next step is getting here!

Travel south on the Baldwin Beach Express at exit 49 from I-10 or travel south on Hwy 59, turn left onto the Beach Express and continue south approximately 12.5 miles.

As you approach the Beach Express toll plaza traveling south, you will see this:

The lanes open for traveling south into Orange Beach and Gulf Shores will have an illuminated green arrow or a digital message board above the lane. When the message board says, “Freedom Pass” the lane does not have a toll attendant present to take cash or credit card payments.

However, with a Beach Express GO VISIT windshield sticker you can use ANY open lane.

So how does this Windshield Sticker work?

Beach Express windshield stickers are also known as transponders. The tiny antenna in the sticker sends your sticker number to the readers which allow your transaction to be processed.

The primary lanes at the Beach Express are equipped with transponder readers for our Beach Express GO VISIT windshield stickers.

When you are at the toll booth window briefly stop your vehicle. The Beach Express GO VISIT stickers will read, the blue light in front of you will illuminate, and the gate will rise. You may then travel over the bridge and start your day at the beach.

Traveling north, away from Orange Beach, you will see the following view of the Beach Express toll plaza:

On days with extremely heavy traffic, the lane on the very far right of the picture will be open to northbound traffic. It is always manned when open and YES, you can use that lane, too.